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Charley heard that President Obama would be in his neighborhood yesterday. The streets were lined with barricades and a few extra police cars, but Charley didn’t see any signs of the President (who was in Brooklyn at the time). He did see a gap in one of the barricades and couldn’t resist squeezing through to cross over to the other side. Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

Update: Turns out Charley was right about the location. The President dined later that evening just across the street where Charley wanted to go.

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  1. txtsfromtoby said: Obama heard President Charley was in the area and went looking for him too :-D
  2. 33goingon3 said: Charley is such a rebel! I love it!
  3. minuelueestis said: How cool would it be to be petted by the President? :)
  4. charleylhasa posted this

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